Photographers in Little Silver, Shrewsbury to take pictures of homes for revaluations

Property revaluations in Little Silver and Shrewsbury are to get underway  ahead of schedule with photographs of the exteriors of homes taken, Stephen  Walters, assessor for both boroughs, has announced.

little silverWalters  said the photo-taking portion of the process is starting early since the mild  winter is causing plants, shrubs and trees to begin blooming, blocking the  improvements to the property exteriors.

The photos are part of the database for the revaluations.

For more information, call 732-842-7039.

Nancy Shields: 732-643-4229;


About Maria Paulina Pagano

As a Realtor for the last twenty years and a Monmouth County resident for twenty-four years, I have accumulated extensive and invaluable knowledge of the Real Estate Market and Market Trends. Member of Ocean, Monmouth, & Middlesex MLS.
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