Charles Murray’s ‘How thick is your bubble?’ quiz

In his new book, “Coming Apart: The State of White America 1960-2010,” Charles Murray claims that the cultural divide has never been wider between working class and upper middle class Americans.

Murray is no stranger to controversy.  His previous book, “The Bell Curve,” examined variations in intelligence across socioeconomic and racial lines.

In an interview with Rock Center Anchor and Managing Editor Brian Williams, Murray defended his latest book, starting with its controversial title.

“White America is my reference point.  To put it one way, they have no excuses.  They aren’t recent immigrants who don’t speak the language.  They don’t have a legacy of slavery.  If you got problems there, we’ve got to think of other understandings of how we can solve them,” Murray said.

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Murray claims that the upper middle class is increasingly insulated in a bubble  of people just like themselves, making them out of touch with the lives of  working class Americans.

To help people gauge how insulated they are, Murray created a quiz, “How Thick is Your Bubble?”


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