Tips for Moving Out of the Family Nest….

Don’t be afraid to ask friends to help you pack.
Big firsts are always exciting. Your first bike, your first kiss, your first job, your first car; these are all things you’ll remember for the good. But a first move is something you’ll remember forever, but most likely for the bad. To avoid the “first move woes,” try following these tips to make sure everything goes smoothly:

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You’ve never moved before, so you’re not really sure what you need or what the move is going to be like. So get someone who has moved before and ask for some advice. Whether it’s about packing, things you need to bring, or just cleaning tips, an experienced mind can give you some valuable help. You’ll be kicking yourself if you realize you forgot to bring a trash can, a blanket, a fan, dishes, silverware, socks, a toothbrush. A second mind can help make sure you have everything you need.

Don’t lose your patience. Unless you’ve lived on your own before, it’s hard to know how much you eat, especially when you’ve been sharing with your family for your entire life. So when you move to your new place, don’t over-stuff your fridge and cabinets with food because much of it can become spoiled. For the first month, just buy what you need for a few days. At the end of the month you should better be able to judge how much you really eat.

Don’t worry. You probably will feel really exhausted after you move in. This is because you’ve been cleaning, shopping, organizing, cleaning some more, and going to sleep late. Don’t worry about it. After you’ve really settled in and have everything cleaned and under control, you should get your energy back again.

Don’t forget to eat. I said not to worry, but I didn’t say not to eat. You may be so overwhelmed by your first move that you might forget to feed yourself. When you’re done with the day’s cleaning, make sure you eat and drink something. Even though you might not be hungry, you don’t want to go a whole day of cleaning without nourishing yourself.

Don’t forget to do your laundry. Maybe your mom has been doing laundry for you your entire life. If so, you don’t want to find yourself realizing you have no clean clothes to wear.

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Good luck on your first move!

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As a Realtor for the last twenty years and a Monmouth County resident for twenty-four years, I have accumulated extensive and invaluable knowledge of the Real Estate Market and Market Trends. Member of Ocean, Monmouth, & Middlesex MLS.
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