One of the biggest kitchen trends today is building cabinets to look more like furniture

Cabinet Design Combines Style and Function



One of the biggest kitchen trends today is building cabinets to look more like furniture. Making storage space such as cabinets aesthetically pleasing complements the trend of homeowners wanting the one great room with the kitchen and family room blending together both in design and function.


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Hutches are replacing cabinets, and built-in cabinets are taking on the style of fine furniture. Furniture feet are becoming common on cabinets, too.

In higher-end markets, homeowners are requesting the “Old World” look with lots of woodcarvings and elaborate hardware.

The most popular are carved wood pieces and architectural woodcarvings including corbels around a wood hood and crown moldings with hand-carved designs. Hand-carved doors don’t just cover cabinet shelves; they are applied to dishwashers to fully integrate the appliances.

Glazed finishes on natural or stained wood speak to the popular Old World style, and are complete with elaborate iron hardware, often with intentional rust finishes. Glazing is now as popular as it was in the 1950s and ’60s when it was called antiquing. Cherry wood with a black glaze, or maple or pine with a light or dark glaze over a light stain can be applied to a natural wood cabinet. A darker glaze gives an older look. For a cottage look, painted finishes that have been rubbed off and stressed to appear worn are still requested.

According to Maria Stapperfenne of Tewksbury Kitchens & Baths, “Some of our customers are looking for a more simple or minimalist design with kitchen cabinets while others are seeking an Asian infused, but classical look. Recessed paneled door are very popular and are a good example of this classic trend. They offer a clean, linear and retro feel.”

Another trend is for simple cabinet door fronts with decorative accessories personalizing the style of the homeowner. For a more modern look, metals such as steel typically used in professional grade kitchens are now being manufactured for residential markets. Steel is hygienic, solid, durable and can be produced with a finish that prevents fingerprints and scratch marks.

Hold Everything-Kids’ Center Cabinets

For most families, the kitchen is the most popular room in the house, but children can often get underfoot while Mom and Dad are cooking or entertaining. Enter the Kid Center cabinet, outfitted specifically to keep little ones occupied, but within parents’ view. The Kid Center cabinet can feature two deep metal storage baskets, as well as a pullout workspace for coloring or playing games.

Recognizing that kids won’t stay small forever, the cabinet easily converts to traditional kitchen storage when the play space is no longer useful. For instance, narrow slots at the top of the cabinet can hold game boards or cutting boards, depending on the family’s needs. For easy access to other frequently used kitchen items, designers keep the “between the eyes and the thighs” theory in mind, says Stapperfenne. Draw guides, especially installed in the bottom row of cabinets are popular due to the difficulty in reaching the back of the drawer.

Personalize Cabinets with Decorative Hardware

One of the big changes in the kitchen industry is the availability of decorative hardware. It’s a way to make the kitchen unique and can completely change the look of the cabinets. Stainless steel hardware works well with modern designs, whereas traditional kitchens might have brass knobs. You can have different finishes on hardware, ranging from rust to black. There are also whimsical choices such as tubular and curved handles. If you are going for a more contemporary streamlined look, chrome, brushed chrome and stainless steel are good choices.

Illumination around the cabinets for a mood

Homeowners are also seeking more interesting lighting in kitchens, and installing LED lighting underneath cabinets adds depth and mood to a room.
Task lighting, such as a light triggered when a pantry door opens, is not only practical but an energy saver. And motion sensors, once popular for outdoor illumination, are becoming a common request by homeowners for their kitchens.


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