How to clean out your junk and make a profit

The Secret to Garage Sale Success

How to clean out your junk and make a profit
Garage Sale Board
A garage sale is a beautiful thing. You not only clear out stuff you consider junk, but recycle it and give it a second life for somebody else’s use. And you can make some significant coin while you’re at it.
Pre-sale preparation
Someone should be present to staff your sale at all times—preferably two people, to discourage shoplifters. (Some people come to garage sales to find out what’s worth burglarizing later.) Kids of any age can help with straightening items and bagging and toting purchases. You’ll need a stock of startup cash in various denominations for making change, but keep as little as possible at the sale site and keep it secured.
Presentation is key
The better shape things are in, the more likely they’ll sell. Check the condition of the merchandise in your for-sale pile: a minor repair or a few stitches can make the difference between a sale and a leftover. Consider bundling items that go together, such as pots and potholders. If clothing is for sale, clean and hang or fold it.
Determine prices for each item. Make them appealing, and allow room for dickering. Small self-stick labels or snippets of masking tape make dandy price tags. Remember, it’s called a garage sale for a reason: People are here for bargains, you’re trying to clear space, so price things to move!
Similar to a retailer’s approach to merchandising, presentation cannot be underestimated at your sale. Make your wares appealing to shoppers, starting with these display tips:
• Whether you use folding tables or lumber over sawhorses, allow room in between for browsers.
• A clothesline works well for hanging clothes.
• Display books so their titles are easily read.
• If selling electrical appliances, be sure there’s an accessible power supply for testing.
• Use boxes or baskets for smaller items.
Reduce prices toward the end of your sale. Remember: making a few dollars is secondary to getting rid of the stuff.





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As a Realtor for the last twenty years and a Monmouth County resident for twenty-four years, I have accumulated extensive and invaluable knowledge of the Real Estate Market and Market Trends. Member of Ocean, Monmouth, & Middlesex MLS.
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